Approach & Offerings

I believe You are naturally wired for healing

In my work with clients I use techniques to help reset your mind and body for optimal mental health. I frequently use aspects of clinical hypnosis, EMDR, and ego state work. I’m also trained in CBT, DBT, and ACT.

Therapeutic Modalities

  • EMDR | EMDR Intensives
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Ego state work
  • Flash/4 Blinks Technique
  • CBT – Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • DBT – Dialectical behavior therapy

My practice specializes in EMDR Intensives and Individual Therapy.

Client-Centered Therapy

Your Journey, Your Map

I work primarily with adults and adolescents. As a patient in my private practice, you will receive your own client-centered therapeutic process and plan. No two clients follow the same therapeutic path.

In you life, you might feel as if you are being held back. As if something causes you to think, feel and act in ways that don’t serve you. We will work to identify what underlies your problems so it can be resolved and you can move forward.

I also support and work with high achievers, artists, and musicians who want to enhance or improve their performance. You can learn more about my areas of expertise and focus here.

EMDR Intensives

True change starts in the body

My dedication to clinical excellence and ongoing pursuit of the most effective treatments available has shown me that while talk therapy can be supportive and helpful — it does not get to the root of addressing your automatic responses to triggers because our language centers occupy a very small part of our brains.

True change occurs when our entire brain is engaged in making meaning of our experiences. EMDR will help you understand your experiences and form new, positive self-statements while removing your automatic self-blame.

Neutralize the trigger, eradicate the Distress.

EMDR Intensives are 3-hour sessions that use a powerful combination of EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis, Flash Technique, and cognitive techniques to reprocess the trauma and neutralize the trigger(s). Because I combine EMDR with Clinical Hypnosis I can reduce the level of discomfort that comes with distressing memories prior to processing.

I have seen time and again EMDR set clients free to lead the life they’ve wanted in just 3 – 5 intensive sessions rather than years of weekly talk therapy. Clients typically require 2 – 7 sessions. We will assess your path after your first intensive session and there is no requirement to book more than one.

Focus & Specialties

I emphasize attuning to underlying scripts that may be running underneath your level of awareness. Bringing these to the surface is an important element in healing. I am also trained in clinical hypnosis and am working towards certification in this area. I’m finding it to be extremely beneficial for helping my clients quickly experience relaxation and healing. I will also interweave education in our sessions to help you understand how your brain reacts to stress and how to heal from it. If you have skill deficits, I’ll give you direct instruction in work, school, or social skills as needed.

My expertise in trauma healing has deepened and moved me to create EMDR Intensives that uniquely combine EMDR with hypnosis and the Flash Technique to minimize discomfort and deliver highly potent sessions.

My Areas of Expertise Include

Trauma Healing

I want you to know that we can HEAL your trauma. Behaviors that look to others like anger, opposition to authority, people pleasing or extreme avoidance are actually self-protection. You might turn inward after a trauma, restricting your experiences and behaviors to avoid further danger or pain, which leads to a smaller existence. You may experience intense anger that leads you to strike out at the people around you. You don’t need to do that anymore. I believe that if you lived through something horrifying, you are already resilient! You are a survivor. We will work together to move you to a place where you can lean in and engage with the world around you without fear. If you have experienced something traumatic, I want to help you neutralize your painful memories. Please visit my EMDR page to learn more.

Supporting Caretakeres

I hold a special place in my heart for parents who are raising children with disabilities or neuro-differences. No child comes with a parenting manual, but children with unique needs require a parent to be constantly flexible and creative in their interactions with their children. What works one day may not work the next. Daily routines can be exhausting. You may feel judged by other parents when your child doesn’t develop at the same rate as their peers. You may feel blamed by teachers when your child is perceived as a “behavior problem” when, in fact, they are flooded and overwhelmed by school. The result of this is often compounded parental stress, self-blame, anxiety and trauma that feels relentless. Addressing your own negative self statements regarding your own parenting is of paramount importance, and I can help you!

Accelerating High Functioning Individuals

Though the years I’ve supported many successful leaders become even greater at what they do. You may feel as if something is holding you back, or you may have a strong inner critic that doesn’t let you rest. Unsticking people’s potential and accelerating their growth and overall life fulfillment is hugely exciting.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how I can support you.